“An Opening Spiritual Heart”


Initial log on July 17, 1993:

There can be significant physiological effects when the heart opens to the God force or the Spirit within. As this process began, I experienced a feeling of peace in the chest, which, in time, changes to a pain not unlike heart trouble, often with some pre-ulcer indications, as well, even while the feelings of peace and even joy began to expand. At first, it felt very localized, from the lower chest through the throat and formed a kind of sphere in the chest. It then gradually spread out and involved the shoulders and the rest of the upper torso. This was experienced in April through June of this year. I originally felt this other-dimensional organ beginning as if there were a HUGE frontal bulge extending from the throat, down through the power chakra and the abdomen. This was such a pronounced feeling that it seemed peculiar to not see it in a mirror or be out in public and not have anyone else notice this deformity.

We learned that this action was, in reality, an other-dimensional organ that can form in the power chakra, the back (the root of the heart chakra), a shoulder, etc., but normally forms in the chest area, because of the proximity and action of the opening heart. In conjunction with this, not only is an ‘eighth chakra’ (another term often applied to this other-dimensional organ) formed between the heart and the throat (facilitating heart-inspired communication and from which the above action may spring from), but ‘guard chakras’ are also formed in the soft areas of the shoulders. (This may indicate that the early Christians knew more than the established Church would let on, in terms of ‘the sign of the cross.’)

This other-dimensional organ then begins to diffuse over the rest of the body, so that the feeling of joy, peace, internal companionship, etc., begins to encompass the entire body. However, continued meditation is a ‘required’ facilitator to retain and enhance this

action AND the continued feeling of joy, which is experienced now not only in the chest area, but throughout the body. In addition, the body begins to almost DEMAND meditation at certain times of the day, it seems to become easier to meditate and it is even possible to see what is meant by ‘becoming a walking meditation.’

After reading Don’s update just below, read on in the pdf file below, either online, or you can download and read at your convenience. Be sure to scroll down past Don’s account of his own experience to read the interview with Deacon Alexander Mumrikov of the Russian Orthodox Church on the same topic, but from an intriguing angle.


AN UPDATE at the time of this conversion from Adobe format into the smaller, less-protected file format of HTML (December of 2005), the eighth chakra is still with me through all of these years… even through Diane’s transition. This chakra continues to infuse (probably the best word for it) me with feelings of peace and joy that are extremely difficult to describe. It is an almost continual reminder of our connection with All-That-Is. If, at times, I get too wrapped up in activities of this material world, the effect may diminish for that time, but it comes back with even the hint of a waking meditation or even thinking about it. THIS is the reason for me to continue to make these materials available to anyone who takes the time to access them. If EVERYONE had such an inner activity, strife would rapidly vanish from the face of this Earth!





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