What is Reiki?

A recent web-based article, actually concerning various alternate forms of healing in an interview format, entitled one portion of that interview as, “The Power of Reiki – Explained By Postdoctoral Research Fellow At Harvard Medical School” (published on February 14, 2018). This article led off with the statement, “In this part of the interview, we discuss the ancient healing art of Reiki, a healing modality that has been practiced and taught around the world for thousands of years.”

This wording gives a completely erroneous concept of Reiki! Reiki is, in today’s world, simply a codified methodology of using Universal Energy. As “Reiki,” it is quite recent, but is relatively easy to teach as a “discipline,” using symbols as mnemonics. Personally, I skip the mnemonic symbols and use what I feel is an appropriate light under Highest Good, a technique which allows for great flexibility. The ancient wise men of pre-Vedic India knew of Universal Energy and how to use it for healing (and other purposes) by instigating shakti… programmed Universal Energy. Since Universal Energy was and is known through many cultures and many different names, it stands to reason that the shamans of these cultures also used that same methodology in their healing practices. (Ref. “Manifesting Mechanics”)

The truth is, that everyone, every human on Earth, is constantly doing the same, albeit unconsciously for most… it’s called manifesting. (Again, ref. “Manifesting Mechanics”)

And so, Reiki is simply applying the concept of shakti, with focus and intention, to effect a desired outcome, information we provide for free on this website. Yes, that energy-handling concept has “been around” ever since mankind incarnated, and before, i.e., always. What is so mysterious about it that a financial investment is necessary to learn how to do it?



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