Manifesting Mechanics

What happens when we consciously (or not) go through the process of manifesting? On the morning of September 17, 2017, I was suddenly aware of literally channeling this information, and “told” that it was “time” to make this information, along with many other topics coming through many other people, available to the general public.

Exorcism 2

Sometime early in 2010, a confrontation occurred between a heavyweight, non-physical being and a highly psychic young woman who also happened to be my housekeeper. Although she was an absolute novice for this kind of activity, the young woman acted on an approach...
Is America a Christian Nation?

Is America a Christian Nation?

For those wondering if in fact the founders of our country intended American to be a Christian nation, find the answer to the question, Is America a Christian nation? in Article 11 of this document. Dated and signed 1796-97, it is reputed that George Washington himself drafted this treaty, supported by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.