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Don Chapin, founder of Light Path Resources, shares his own peak experiences in this category of the Light Path Resources blog.

Spiritual/Mystical Experiences

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The Mission of Light Path Resources: Bringing awareness of spiritual principles to daily living


To assist in helping everyone possible to realize their inner potential.

Our purposes are:

(1) help with the upliftment of mankind through self-empowerment
(2) accelerate the spiritual development of each individual, and
(3) answer our universal quest for our place in the Universe and God within.

And Who are We?

“We” = “I” am the remaining spouse of a woman who was “the vehicle” (previously called a channel) for The Buddha Consciousness (whom we called “TBC”) for a number of years (Ref.:

It is my suspicion that the very frequent exposure I had to TBC’s extremely high-level energies somehow altered my own vibrational state to the extent that I may be open to an “acceleration” of some sort where I may have had more of these “peak experiences” than I normally would. However, because these experiences started BEFORE I met Diane, I am of a very FIRM belief that EVERYONE has these “openings.” Therefore I simply want to give those who see something familiar in these topics the chance to note the potential commonality with their own experiences.

This page was originally a series of interactive blog postson a dedicated website with the purpose of encouraging reader participation. With one comment in a year’s existence, it was incorporated as a simple list. However, I invite you to comment on any topic that interests you in this post. For purpose of simple identification, these experiences have been categorized as Mystical, Psychic or Shamanic, or Miscellaneous…but with a potential overlap. Since we’re dealing in a quantum state well beyond the normal human 3-D experience, a single experience can easily fall into more than one such human-defined category. 🙂

Again, another section, Global Healing Modalities, picks up where this leaves off. It includes results from the first two years of the Ashland Area Global Healing Group meetings, starting August 24, 2013 at Heart Song Nutrition, 1461 Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland, OR, on Saturday mornings, at 10 AM.

External (pdf) Files Referenced

World Peace Exercise
Communication From Beneath the Waves?
Edge Work, from The Psychic Vampire Codex
Exorcism #2
Exorcism #1
Color Applications for Individuals and the Earth
Ocean Energy Work in Bandon starting April 23, 2012
Extracts from The Crystal Stair
The Christmas Light: and
Notes on the SE Asia Trip

Now, well over 60 years later, I’m working on an RV so that I can get back out in Nature to re-experience more of the melding in topic #1, along with the concept of service associated with topics #6 and 38.

Top 50 Peak Spiritual/Mystical Experiences

Peak Experiences 50. Interdimensional Viewing, Posted on November 6, 2013 as Mystical, Psychic, Shamanic Ashland Area Global Healing Group meetings, starting August 24, 2013 at Heartsong Nutrition, 1461 Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland, OR, on Saturday mornings at 10 AM....

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Ocean Energy Work in Bandon

Ocean Energy Work in Bandon Where a Forgotten Item Becomes an Asset Believe it or not, the oceans can be used as a giant, global antennae!! In a meditative state, while using a crystal (or not) and being "directed" which way to point it, visualize energized pink...

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Notes on a SE Asia Trip

Notes on a SE Asia Trip ...of 03 Jan 2008 to 27 Jan 2008 (back-to-back cruises) on the Rhapsody of the Seas, a ship of the Royal Caribbean Line, with six days on the front end and four days on the back end of the cruise at Singapore’s Albert Court Hotel. 12/29/07 At...

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Edge Work

Extending yourself so that you interact more completely with the spiritual realm while yet retaining a thin hold upon the physical world is termed Edge Work. Edge Work is a very versatile technique with numerous potential applications.

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Exorcism 2 — ­Working on a ‘Heavy’

Exorcisms While these are my personal experiences, this is definitely not something I would recommend that anyone attempt in anywhere near as cold-turkey a manner as I had, because, unless you’ve got some “outside” help and advice beforehand, you have no idea what you...

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Working with the Christmas Light

Working with the Christmas Light 64. Healing Earth Process Notes for Dec. 6, 2014, Meeting/Workshop 

Background: It should be noted that, in private discussions about The Christmas Light (when an extra-heavy dose of God energy descends upon Earth), my late wife’s...

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