Extract from The Crystal Stair, by Eric Klein

Oughton House Publications, Livermore, CA, 3rd ed., 1994, pp. 38-40

“The people who over the years have claimed to see spaceships, are they seeing your ships or some third-dimensional ships?”

“Let me say that there are other extraterrestrial beings in the Earth’s sphere of activity aside from the divine beings of the Ashtar Command and the ascended brotherhood. There are beings who are of lesser stature spiritually. There are beings who are somewhat neutral in their attitude towards the Earth, or rather scientific. There are other beings who are downright negative in their effects upon humanity.

“Their ships are generally visible. You may at times see a ship of the Ashtar Command (they can of course materialize in the third dimension where you can witness them). In the future that will happen en masse. It is part of the plan. The Earth will be surrounded by ships visibly during the last stage of the final evacuation. For the most part we are remaining invisible in the fifth dimension. It is much safer. The Ashtar Command has contacted all the world leaders. The world leaders have not been very open to exchanging information and opening to their presence. For this reason, it is not entirely safe for the Ashtar Command to manifest in third-dimen­sional reality. The other ships that are here are something that you should be wary of, something that you should be rather concerned with in terms of their origins. If you see a ship visibly manifested I would not necessarily run up to it and say, “Here I am Ashtar, take me.” They may take you, but not to Ashtar.

“There are beings that have made alliances with the secret governments. They are doing their best to confuse the issues here. The Ashtar Command is more powerful and enlightened and can take care* of them when the time comes. If you see a spaceship, simply observe it and ask your heart or feeling nature if you feel a Christ vibration. I don’t think this will happen, but if you should see a space being, first of all, if they do not look like a human being, I would be wary. Most of the negative extraterrestrials do not look the same as we do. Human beings are the majority of the human creation in the universes. You might say that humanity is fashioned in the image of the Father. There are other beings who are not quite as beautiful to look at from your perspective.

“You would be surprised to know that they are not as beautiful to look at from our perspective. Some of them have no emotional bodies. In other words they have never experienced love. So you can detect them by their emanations. You will all be protected if you simply request to be protected from anything negative of this nature occurring to you. It is highly unlikely.”

“Sananda, is it true that there is a whole population of people in the Inner Earth?”

“Yes. I would not necessarily call them all humans, but there are certain evolvements of beings. They are going to experience the culmination of their experi­ence just as humanity does.”

pp. 139-141

“I heard through another channel that there will be equal’ chaos in the Heavens as there is on Earth during this process. I’m not clear on this.”

“Yes, there is a great deal of activity in space, as you say. This is not so much for you to be concerned with. You are to focus yourself on your own ascension process and your own growth here. There is little you can do about space. We are taking care of space. There is a housecleaning that is in effect. And it is a universal experience. It is not limited to the planet Earth. There is a new wave of energy that has proceeded from the Creator himself through all the channels and through all of creation. It is a reordering of the universe, a reordering of the creation. So what you are experiencing here in your corner of the galaxy is simply a result of this. So those beings who have been out of alignment with love and with the will of the Father are being dealt with. There are many planets. There are many beings with space travel capability who have not come into alignment fully. So they are being instructed. If they are offering resistance, they are being dealt with more forcefully. Many beings have come to the planet Earth, extra­terrestrial beings not of the Ashtar Command, but lesser beings who have come here in physical ships in their physical bodies. One result of the house-cleaning which has been in effect is that it has pushed them from their home bases out into farther reaches of the galaxy. They are seeking a place where they can be left alone to do their high jinks. So there are many who are uninvited guests upon the planet Earth. When the wave of ascension hits the planet Earth, it is going to sweep them a bit farther out into the galaxy.

“The way the galaxy is structured is that there is a core, or central sun, around which the stars and star systems revolve. At the center of each of the galaxies is the Higher Evolution. As you proceed outward from the center, there is less of perfection and more of chaos. Planet Earth exists a little bit on the edges of this galaxy, so the housecleaning has taken a little bit longer to reach here. And those beings who were a little bit closer to the center, who were performing their high jinks, have been asked to surrender or have fled as their planets have also been cleaned up. So, there will be some rather spectacular star wars. You will be made aware of them. At this point there is little you can do or little to worry about. But know that this planet is not alone in the overall restructuring of the universe.”

* * * * * * *



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