Communication From Beneath the Waves?

It started as a standard Monday evening meditation session at Havurah Shir Hadash (185 N. Mtn, Ashland) on April 2, 2012. Instead of addressing the suggested personal problems/issues with giving and receiving, however, I again began circling the Earth, sending whatever energy I could to those points of light I observed on the surface. Heading East, across the U.S., the Atlantic, then Europe and on to Asia. Then, for some reason, I also started heading West from Ashland and noted the somewhat scattered points of light in the Pacific, as well.

Hmmm…dolphins or porpoises, fun-loving, even as they “herd” a school of fish for a meal, but intent, coordinated and purposeful when attacking a shark. Somehow, I was then “in contact” with a pod of whales and “discussing” the Japanese whaling ships. They were also aware of the group we know as Greenpeace and that this group and their ships were on their side. They have been observing that there are “bad guys” with harpoons trying to kill them and “good guys” trying to stop the “bad guys.” (I recently saw an article that attributed Greenpeace efforts to keeping the Japanese whaling ship yield this last season to about 10% of “normal,” or quota.)

They pick up the differences in thoughts or feelings, but from beneath the waves, it’s hard to tell which ship is which and the thoughts/feelings that they pick up are difficult to attribute to any given ship. Sometimes, they pick up an intentional telepathic contact from a Greenpeace (a friendly) ship, which somehow seems to make it easier to pinpoint which ship is the “good guys,” but the impression I had was that they cannot tell if this kind of communication is intentional on the part of the “good guys,” or an incidental situation.

We got into the possibilities of a harpooned brother or sister potentially navigating behind a “bad guys” ship and entangling the harpoon wire or rope in that ship’s screws, which might knock that ship out of business for the season. They seemed interested in that idea, even though the one harpooned would probably be dying… plus, most of the harpooning was from smaller boats away from the mother ship. I suggested the potential of swamping the smaller boats with their bulk, but they didn’t take to that idea very strongly, since they were aware that this would be tantamount to killing that boat’s crew. (Interesting juxtaposition!)

As I was coming back, I was told that there were basically (from their perspective) two main harpoon designs: one with pop-out barbs that doesn’t kill immediately, but the really deadly one was the explosive type, apparently preferred by the “bad guys.” This surprised me… explosives in a harpoon?

Indeed, checking it out online later, I found the explosive-laden harpoon had been developed (at least in the U.S.) around the 1850’s. Was this a confirmation of my “discussion?”



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