Notes on a SE Asia Trip

…of 03 Jan 2008 to 27 Jan 2008 (back-to-back cruises) on the Rhapsody of the Seas, a ship of the Royal Caribbean Line, with six days on the front end and four days on the back end of the cruise at Singapore’s Albert Court Hotel.

At the SF airport, waiting to board the flight to Hong Kong, then to Singapore for the SE Asian cruise – I was very surprised to feel the energy of that region reach out and engulf me. I had to work at “coming back” to the present and felt weak/drained when I did. Although also sensing a vibrational shift at my core as I did so. This occurred without being in any form of meditative state. I would never have thought such a thing was ever possible, but it was as if that region “knew” I was on my way and the purpose behind this cruise – to say “goodbye” to that part of Earth, the world where I had experienced so many incarnations, since I do not expect to come back for another incarnation.

Singapore – visited the Srikrishnan Temple (Hindi) on Waterloo St. – Many deities on façade – could only detect a very weak energy.
Also visited the Goddess of Mercy Temple on Waterloo St. right next door to the Hindi Temple – I did not know the name of this Temple or its dedication before entering. Inside, I was “blown away” by the happy, positive, joyful energy, which was in abundance. Yes, there were some few that felt in “desperate straits,” but the over-all energy was tremendous! In immersing myself in that energy, I began distributing it over the island/city, then over the region. So as to not leave the Temple bereft, I brought in the God-light of Christmas and circulated both energies through the Temple.

Singapore – At Guan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple on Waterloo St., above) I again got in touch with the energy there and “worked” at distributing it over the area. In the process, I also “learned” that my trip to the Asian Museum yesterday was no “accident,” but intended for me to get a better “identification” with this area and its dependency upon China and India, each of which had played a strong role in shaping SE Asian culture. I experienced a “blending” with this area and now feel that this is a key purpose of this trip… to help try to “pacify” the region with energy work… much more of an active role than I had originally thought.

First stop in Vietnam. I “felt” the beneficial re-unification of that country and the energy differences between what is still referred to as the North and South… the North being the “image-generating vision,” the South seeing the benefits to all and following along.* I saw our involvement as totally unnecessary, just as in Iraq today. The mistake we made in Vietnam is being compounded in Iraq. There really is tremendous energy in this country! So many wasted lives for the mistakes of our “leaders” who have never experienced the military, much less war!!! Although I didn’t go ashore, just the harbor scenes show this is not an impoverished third world country.

Hong Kong – Rapid growth since ’93. ‘Central’ not relevant to Diane. However, I really felt her presence with me in Kowloon Park – very strong. Went to Jimmie’s Kitchen in Kowloon where she had loved to go and she was definitely there with me, to the extent that I had a hard time leaving there. Even as I write this (1/16/08, about 1430 hours) I feel her with me. I just wish she would have made this trip in person, but it almost feels as if she can experience it through me – at least this Hong Kong – Singapore portion (now that Lynn is gone; she flew back to the States very early this morning – everything works out for the best!). Leaving Hong Kong… I felt I was in touch with the energy that is Hong Kong and Eastern China… I felt a strong connection with that energy, but was able to say “goodbye,” with gratitude. Hong Kong is no longer the Hong Kong we knew.

Entering Vietnam waters after shipboard presentation on that country.* Very difficult to explain the energy progression (found a spot on the starboard side, protected from the cool wind). 1750 hours on deck – a feeling of such love for “the creatures of the Earth” (which includes humanity) and for all of SE Asia.
Note * This was not the view of the Asian expert on the ship for this portion of the trip – he felt the previous commercial freedom of the South had allowed fresh ideas to be more freely generated there, while the “stodgy North” saw the benefits and went along.

Sailing from our last port in Vietnam, I worked to get in touch with the larger, poorer populations of the area. Yes, I did sense some discontent, but overall the feeling was one of an underlying happiness with life and living. I also found it easier to work with those who are awakening spiritually in this area by being here. More to do on this topic. Two days ago, I felt an agreement with my efforts to “say goodbye” to this area (at least for Vietnam).

Leaving Laem Chabang, Thailand/Siam – This departure turned out to be emotionally quite difficult, so that I suspect I’ve had far stronger ties within SE Asia to this area (plus Burma and Chine) than most anywhere else. The gentleness of the people (as opposed to the aggressive salesmanship of the Vietnamese) seems to resonate at a deep level. Doing the “local” bus to Pattaya this morning, even though I couldn’t get around as much as I might have liked to (peripheral neuropathy), I felt my 8th chakra open up in resonance to the local energies. Some how/some way, saying “goodbye” to Siam/Thailand is turning out to be a real “gut wrencher,” but it has to be done!
Although Thailand is slowly moving beyond third-world status, the Thais are essentially a very laid-back people.

Singapore – Mystery solved (at least for me) as to why I couldn’t detect any appreciable energy from the Hindi Temples… look lower – at lower frequencies, rather than higher… this is an older Earth religion, while Earth is moving on to a higher frequency.


(1) On the plane to Singapore, I felt the energies of that whole region (all of SE Asia) reach out and seemingly blend (not a good word, but it will have to do, for now) with me. This occurred with absolutely no request or action on my part, but felt as if that region knew what I was doing and showed and active, knowledgeable interaction!!! WOW, what an experience!!!

(2) The Kwan Yin temple in Singapore, where there was such an immense level of joy and happiness (despite an acknowledgement of some people desperate for some form of change in their lives) that I stayed there a while and worked with spreading that uplifting energy throughout Singapore and then all of SE Asia.

(3) The perceived presence of Diane beside me in Hong Kong while I visited Kowloon park and Jimmie’s Kitchen (“toasting” a glass of wine for each of us), two places where she loved to go.

(4) The extremely strong emotional (tearful) pull of Siam/Thailand (and I think, Burma) when I was saying goodbye to that country/area.

(5) A last-minute realization (in Singapore Hindi temple) of why I initially seemed to sense no energy in the Hindi temples, while the Buddhist temples were quite energetically active, yet with a different energy for each… the Hindi energies are at such a lower frequency (older, more diffuse in god-worship – too many gods) and (possibly?) not as in tune with the uplifting energies that Earth is going through, even though that religion/philosophy spawned Buddhism and has been an “anchor” of religious inquiry – in that region and throughout the world – through thousands of years.


The “temples” are obviously not the strength of that religion, but, like other religions around the world, are for the masses… the real strength of that religion is in the emphasis on internal development, which, as with Christianity and other religions, is not found in the temples.



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