Color Applications for Individuals & the Earth

Using Clarity, Intention, Intensity while
requesting Highest Good


1) Send volumes of pink light, followed by palest green to assist in healing anger and hostility; highest white light that all may truly serve.

2) Send pink light, along with darkest, boldest green that ego may cease its relentless demands and will not act as a smoke screen blocking inspiration.

3) Send light of glistening violet, that they may connect with one another, followed by brightest white light that they function in the highest way possible.

4) Send darkest, boldest green that all may share in this healing in every respect.

5) Send as much healing chartreuse as possible, followed by as much pink and then white light as possible.

6) Along with green for ego, pink for service and amber for animosity and hatred, send diamond light for aggression.

– OR –

Send a single color, as energy, that you think might be best for that individual, place or situation.
(This can work wonders on the road when some “SOB” cuts you off, etc. 🙂

Then, as YOU direct that energy (it does not have to go at the speed of light :-), watch for any changes on the “target.”

Options and Applications to Assist Earth:

For peace and harmony around the Earth, send a palest yellow light.

That world peace may become more than just an ideal… toward harmonious living… send volumes of highest, brightest white, that these lights lift and assist Earth.

Send pink light to conflicts on Earth, also to assist in the spiritualization of the ego.

Send a lighter shade of green, a chartreuse, to promote healing of animosity on Earth, followed by highest, whitest light to lift it to its highest vibration.

Send Crystal light to neutralize disagreements, dense, negative energy and “locked-in” mindsets (such a problem on Earth) and to fortify the presence of peace on Earth.

Send Amber light to balance the energies of Earth, for animosity and hatred.

Visualize waves of negativity being removed from Earth. (Visualize that same negativity being converted into white light, before being released to the Universe.), then being followed with brightest white light.

Send translucent light to world peace. May all of Earth find its way to such an attitude.

For best results to assist Earth into higher vibrational modes:


1) Bold green for ego and ego’s relentless demands, which, at times, can be followed by pink light to assist in the spiritualization of the ego.

2) Send volumes of highest, brightest apricot, to all in hatred, animosity and a one-side mind-set, that these conditions may STOP on Earth. (Such a change is critical, since this condition is not in tune with Earth’s rising vibrational attunement.)

3) One or both of these applications can then sometimes be followed by highest, whitest light to lift this activity to its highest vibration and to assist in the maintenance of Earth’s higher vibration;

4) Send Rainbow light to balance all of Earth and remove as much negativity as possible, or send strong white light to all areas that can utilize it, followed by rainbow light to lift it to its highest, most negative-free and balanced vibration.

– OR –

Calling for Highest Good, send a single color, as energy, that you think might be best. Watch for any color changes on the “target” such as, typically, a change to pink, indicating a need for love/self love.



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