Ocean Energy Work in Bandon

Where a Forgotten Item Becomes an Asset

Believe it or not, the oceans can be used as a giant, global antennae!! In a meditative state, while using a crystal (or not) and being “directed” which way to point it, visualize energized pink energy going up each coastal area, traveling up the rivers flowing into the oceans and all over the Earth, emanating from the water. It is estimated  that 80% of earth’s population lives within 50 miles of a water’s edge. Therefore, many people can be exposed to very positive energy at once! In various trips to Bandon, OR, I typically used a large crystal for just that kind of ocean work.

But then, RATS! April 23, 2012, I found after I’d arrived in Bandon that I’d packed everything for this trip except the “Lumarian” crystal that I was going to use for the ocean work. The box I use for transporting it went into my baggage, but without the crystal inside it. 🙁 The crystal isn’t absolutely necessary, but I felt it was quite helpful and it’s apparently in my belief system that these efforts wouldn’t be as effective without one. Anyway, from what I “picked up,” I can simply construct one in other dimensions… one that is far larger than the Lumarian.

My initiation into BELIEVING I (or anyone) could do this started in Hong Kong, when I envisioned a ‘fishbowl’ over someone’s head in order to “protect” Diane and I from the literally suffocating effects of a very poor tantra yoga practitioner. When that person went to my late wife Diane and her guides for “emergency assistance” I realized I had actually, albeit unintentionally accomplished an act of aggression, rather than defense and that we ACTUALLY DO manifest on other planes. I later psychically “developed” defensive devices.

So, on April 24, I set out to do just that from a bench at the edge of the cliff… a huge crystal was formed and suspended over the cliff. This took a degree of concentration and emotional energy (but wasn’t draining!). I was informed that it might be better to do the forming first before attempting to use it. However, I couldn’t wait to try it… surrounding it with the pink light I generally use for these efforts, then “test firing” it by “pushing” a small amount of pink light out to the ocean. Guess I should have waited as I had been encouraged to, as it somehow shrunk to roughly 1/3 its original size! HUH??? It was pretty chilly on the cliff edge, so I went back to the motel room and later took a look at the situation from my balcony. I could ”see” the crystal and knew I could still work on it from the relative protection of the balcony, even though that location was out of the physical line of sight.

Later, looking at the newly formed crystal from a restaurant in Old Town, I realized that distance didn’t matter… that I could “work” the crystal and the oceans from here, or anywhere… “finish” the crystal from anywhere and have a tool here in Bandon to “work” the oceans at any time! DUH! Why hadn’t I thought of this approach before? The answer? Even though I’ve taught this stuff… of using Universal Energy to form other-dimensional objects (even citing what a “Black Master” could do)… my belief systems concerning my personal abilities wouldn’t support such an idea until “pushed” into the situation.

On the evening of the 25th, since it was wet, cold and windy outside, and having put this off as long as I could because of what I was afraid might be a “bust,” I sat down in the motel room to see what could be done without a crystal. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be a problem. After a few minutes of entering into the process, I saw, felt and heard a huge amount of energy “fly” overhead in a descending trajectory and enter the ocean’s surface. This was such a massive amount I felt as if I could hear a “whooosh” as it came in from overhead. I tracked that energy down around the Pacific Ocean and observed a second huge energy input entering on the east side of Argentina as it rounded the southern tip of the continent and started north, up through the Atlantic Ocean. Likewise, a third huge energy surge entered on the east side of Africa, about where Somalia is located. Looking at the North Pacific, a fourth surge (somewhat smaller, for some reason) entered in either the N. Pacific or Bering Sea area and split apart to traverse over Canada and Siberia. Populations along all these ocean coastlines should be benefiting!

Getting back to the formulation of the other-dimensional crystal, I proceeded to provide a well-grounded support stand with a swivel where it attached to the crystal. The crystal was turning out to be a large replica of the Lumerian version I had neglected to bring, including the jagged back end that fits so well into the hand and over a palm chakra. Why, I don’t know, because a double terminated is theoretically a better, more efficient design.

The bright, clear morning of Thursday, April 26, 2012, I realized that where I had placed the crystal earlier was not optimum, so I moved it to the relatively inaccessible Tablerock slightly off shore (but generally accessible by boat or wetsuit). After a little additional work to more firmly establish it in the new location, I asked Spirit to help man the crystal for 24/7 global work, spreading pink light/energy around the globe, using the oceans as an antenna… A few days later, in talking to a medium, an entity came through her, identifying itself as Andrew/Andy and stating that he was fulfilling that crystal manning request. On my next trip to Bandon, I became better acquainted with Andy. 🙂

Crystal placed on Tablerock with a very good view of the Pacific Ocean

Crystal placed on “Tablerock” with a very good view of the Pacific Ocean

Changing the Crystal Orientation & Purpose

In mid-August, 2013, I received an email that had been sent to a broad group of people, asking for assistance in trying to combat the radiation from Japan’s disaster with the Fukushima power plants. Because I’d had some limited experience in communicating with Pacific whales, in an answering message I sent on August 13, 2013, I stated:

“Not good news, ____. I ‘worked’ on the crystal situation last night, attempting to neutralize the radiation being dumped into the ocean from Japan, while also attempting a very low-level communication with whatever cetacean species I could link with.  What I picked up was that even if the cetaceans could squeeze closer to the western U.S. shores, the contaminated waters are slowly moving eastward.  From their viewpoint, it isn’t so much the direct contact with the contaminated waters, at least not yet, but the absorption of the contamination at the lower levels of the food chain (plankton and on up) and the cetacean’s ingestion of that food chain, where the radiation then works on them from within. Furthermore, their concern is that this radiation will be slowly creeping eastward, across the Pacific, towards the western shores of the U.S.

“Then, this morning someone sent me a link to this article: “Fukushima’s Radioactive Ocean Plume to Reach US Waters by 2014” By Jeremy Hsu, LiveScience Contributor   |   August 30, 2013 04:20pm ET, at http://www.livescience.com/39340-fukushima-radioactive-plume-reach-us-2014.html. Unfortunately, another fear-based approach.  However, he also makes some good points and, if my supposed communications earlier have any merit, there very definitely do seem to be some long-range problems.

However, I sent a request that the crystal’s orientation be changed from universal love surrounding the planet by using the ocean surface, to one of “pumping” a spiritually-derived antidote to the Cesium radiation into the ocean to help protect the ocean’s cetaceans.

Then, in October, I ran across this article, which seemed to indicate “something mysterious had happened: “Fukushima Radiation Traced in Pacific Seafood” Henry Ridgwell, October 25, 2013 at http://www.voanews.com/content/fukushima-radiation-traced-in-pacific-seafood/1777465.html, found, “That radiation is moving across the Pacific, but it gets much, much lower even short distances offshore,’ he said. Buesseler said ‘a bigger concern is the accumulation of isotopes in marine life.’ Earlier this year, cesium isotopes from Fukushima were found in tuna caught off California. 
‘The tuna that were caught off San Diego with the Fukushima cesium isotopes, they were 10 to 20 times lower than they had been off Japan… Now, the leak from the tanks – they’re changing in character. Strontium 90 has become of more concern because it’s a bone-seeking isotope. That will stay in fish much longer,’ he said.”

Eventually, a “satisfactory” scientific theory will be developed as to the “reason” for the rapid Cesium drop-off, but meanwhile… what can be done about the Strontium 90??? So, IF our crystal work had any affect on the Cesium level drop-off, might this be repeated with respect to the Strontium? I requested that our crystal output be adjusted for that, but as of this book’s production date, I have seen no reports of “expected vs. actual” for our west coast.



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