While these are my personal experiences, this is definitely not something I would recommend that anyone attempt in anywhere near as cold-turkey a manner as I had, because, unless you’ve got some “outside” help and advice beforehand, you have no idea what you could run into. ~Don Chapin

Exorcism 1 — An Astral Plane Invader

Monday evening, September 15, 2008, M_____ asked that something be done about what I referred to as “poltergeist activities” in her apartment, i.e., offensive odors in the bedroom and living room, with an occasional object being made to “fall.” I had previously requested whatever info could be provided from an Astral plane Native American whom I had found wandering the then-unpopulated-and-“settled” Ashland, Oregon area. He had identified the cause for this activity as a lower-level Astral plane entity.

On the previous Saturday evening (Sep. 13) I had looked at the situation and “saw” a thin strand in her apartment, similar to the “silver cord” that is described for maintaining a connection to the body in out-of­-body travel. Later Monday evening, wondering where that cord terminated in M_____’s apartment, I perceived the end splaying out in a fine, interlocking pattern similar to tree roots.

On Tuesday morning, Sep 16, I called “The Commander,” who provided a suggested plan of attack that was far more low-key than what I had been thinking of, but it turned out to be very successful.

Tuesday evening, Sep. 16, after I had situated a chair in M_____’s bedroom (the scene of most of the “attacks”) so that I could have a view of the living room as well, I began working to raise my vibrations. However, I found that Spirit was ready and action began almost immediately. As I was “calling in” Sananda and the Cosmic Cops, I also had the impression of a being over my left shoulder that seemed to open a slit into this three-dimensional space. He (there was a strong impression that this was a masculine being) had only one eye in the upper center of his head and I saw long, thin arms as he began to reach through to “playfully” attempt to “whop me alongside the head.”

He had one arm through the slit and was reaching for me when he caught sight of my “guests.” His one eye seemed to bulge and his motion to get to me froze in place. I then gave him the ultimatum of leaving voluntarily, taking the cord and anything else he had left in the apartment, or of leaving involuntarily. Considering the power he was observing, he immediately withdrew and I could “see” him yanking on the cord (where it broke at the entrance into our three-dimensional space, leaving the multi-branched termination in the apartment. He began to “run” away as fast as he could on long spindly legs, holding his end of the cord… his gait reminded me of a trotting ostrich.

I then burned and vaporized the now unconnected end of the cord he had left behind, brought in a lot of white light as well as sending a lot to M_____, then surrounded the apartment in a “concrete shell” as a base. Outside of that, I established a form of one of my favorite defenses, in this case an “electrified nematocyst shell” to be automatically activated by any lower-­level/lower-frequency beings that had “unwanted” intentions toward the apartment or its occupant. In this case, however, these nematocysts were connected to an automated Universal power source (through a kind of relay), so that whatever tried to break through would simply keep drawing more and more “voltage” from the Universe, until the “offensive being” withdrew.

I closed this session with extreme gratitude to my “guests” for their assistance and participation. Much thanks to ‘The Commander” for his experience and advice.

Just after I got home, M_____ called to say that she could feel the shift in energy during this operation and that her apartment now felt much better, much “cleaner.”

* * * * * * *



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