Revelation of Nov. 28, 2021, plus…

Don Chapin

In two of my books, I explained what I see/understand/know how UniversalEnergy physically reacts to meditations and manifesting (Appendix 5, Meditation Mechanics of Engineering Your Spirituality and Chapter 4, Manifesting Mechanics of Global Shamanic Energy Work).

However, despite presenting “an interactive discussion,” in Chapter 3 of Global Shamanic Energy Work between Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst, authors of “Energy Blessings from the Stars,” and Feurst’s observations from their book concerning Shaktis and their formation from the field of Universal Energy, Feurst and I weren’t in full agreement of what constituted the field of Universal Energy….neither of us actually knew.

Today, as I was meditating along the lines I advocated in Chapter 9 of Global Shamanic Energy Work, I looked more closely at the field of Universal Energy, which I understand is a common feature in all dimensions, galaxies, etc., and inquired of it “What ARE you?” The response? The answer did not come back in words but in a whole-body infusion of feeling. And what was that feeling when translated into words? One word: LOVE! An overwhelming experience! INTENSE, FULL BODY! The Buddha Consciousness (TBC) said many times, “God is Love.” That doesn’t answer the slight disagreement between Feurst and me but goes a long way toward it.

This was not a human-concept version, such as love between male and female or a human “love” for a family member, but as stated, a whole-body infusion of Universal Love for anything/anyone on the material plane and well beyond, i.e., unconditional Love for everything and everyone in existence, even for that planet of arachnids I had been requested to assist with spiritualizing. (WOW, is that to be my task after I transition… assisting that planet of arachnids??? 🙂 Hmmm, possibilities.

For the next two days of meditations, while I couldn’t emulate that exact condition, my body ‘remembered’ it. And it made me very conscious that it desired more of the same! How? By presenting “shadows” of that intense feeling while in a meditative state. Obviously not with the full intensity, but like a fisherman ‘jiggling’ the bait to make it appear to a potential catch as alive and vibrant. While I know what I experienced was not the full-bore infusion…I doubt if a normal 3-D human could survive such an infusion, I’m gunna have to experiment to see what I CAN generate. Because that feeling is totally addicting… with no drugs involved!

Update of Dec. 22, 2021:

That feeling of Universal Love has become an insistent background energy…no where near the intensity I was initially bombarded with (as I stated then, I really wonder if a normal 3-D human could withstand that intensity for very long before “something”—no idea what—“gave way”). It has gotten to the point where that feeling interrupts my regular “active” meditations of laying down a global pink (spiritual) ground layer, then an Earth/Humanity-compressive white layer of “knowingness,” then an insertion of heartfelt gratitude through the Heart-to-Heart Replicator… at which time the “Universal Love” feeling seems to interrupt. ( The picture I “saw” was that the heartfelt gratitude concept received a “hip-bump” with the intense Universal Love concept being placed for global distribution in its place. 🙂 and becomes the concept sent globally through the Replicator in place of heartfelt gratitude. As Col. Klink (of Hogan’s Heroes) used to say, Velly Intellesting!

Update of Feb. 16, 2022: Involuntary Meditation Evolution

The pink ground layer that I had started with so long ago (ref. “Global Shamanic Energy Work) has faded to almost insignificance while the white layer of knowingness, now with a love sub-component, has grown to be between one and two miles high, compressing to include all of humanity and descending into Gaia’s crust. Likewise, the love energy being pushed through the Heart-to-Heart Replicator has been increasing in intensity, drawing on physical cellular memory in the process, typically resulting in the body jerking from deep muscle contractions and internal feelings bordering on low-level euphoria.

Closing my eyes, I “see” a slim but heavy-duty golden thread connecting many of us, as lights, around the globe having similar experiences. I get the feeling that there is a relatively heavy presence of indigenous people in this group. That thread radiates Love, in itself. Ah, and there’s a couple very thin off-shoots of candidate joiners, non-indigenous people.

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