Selected Personal Experiences relating to ‘consciousness,’ extracted from “50+ Spiritual or Mystical Peak Experiences “on the website

5. Tree talk, 1990

Several years earlier, in late 1974 and 1975, I use to make several trips to Arnold Engineering Development Center near Tullahoma, TN, driving from the Nashville airport down I-24, which was tree-lined for many miles. It was such a beautiful area, that I often “extended my consciousness” while driving to “touch” the mostly evergreen trees on each side of the highway.

Now, in 1990, Diane and I often drove from Santa Rosa, CA out to the coast near Jenner, going through the redwoods west of Guerneville. It was, again, such a beautiful area that, on the first such trip, I again began extending my consciousness as I had done in Tennessee. However, this time I received a shocking surprise, to the extent that I had to really concentrate on staying on the road. I received a response back from those redwoods, words that came from INSIDE my head, that said “Hello, old friend. It’s been a long time.”
 And here we think of trees and other vegetation as independent plants without a thought process or consciousness????

Quote – Hunbatz Men, Mayan priest/shaman, or ‘day keeper’ on Yucatan Peninsula (from p. 297 of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Morton & Thomas):
‘… people in America and in Britain they are now destroying the jungles, even as far away as Brazil. But even though Brazil is a long way from the United States it does not mean that the Earth changes we accelerate there are not going to affect the United States. And because they are killing the trees in Brazil now the trees in the Mayan area are also beginning to die. Because all the trees in the world they can communicate. The Maya, we say, don’t kill any tree because if you kill any tree you are killing your family. When you kill a tree it is like killing your own brother or sister. In that way, the Maya, we believe in the trees. But the trees are only one part of the Mother. The trees are for the Maya the skin of our mother, and the oil it is the blood, and the rivers they are her sweat, her perspiration. But the mistakes today they are accelerating her life and now it is not good because the big change is coming.’

(Interjection – another article on this website is entitled “Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees”), further developing albeit in a different direction the work that started with the Indian genius Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

6. Being of Service, 1990

While driving to work near the Santa Rosa, CA, airport, I often took a slow back road route through some grape fields, old farms and barns. One particular morning while driving between a deserted farmhouse and its associated barn on the other side of the road, I felt as if I ‘entered into’ and very temporally BECAME an old, rusted sheet metal “no trespass” sign beside the road. I could FEEL the granular nature of the metal, the gratitude and joy at serving in whatever capacity was necessary… the joy of simply BEING and being able to be of service. Glancing over to the other side of the road the very same thing happened with the old barn that was in the process of falling down, I was inside the wood siding and could FEEL the cellular nature of the wood. Again, the feeling of ABSOLUTE JOY, of BEINGNESS was almost overwhelming, the joy at serving in whatever capacity was appropriate… the joy of simply BEING… and of BEING OF SERVICE. I can still feel that desire, joy and satisfaction of being of service… in whatever capacity, in whatever way. Since I estimate that I had traveled about 50 feet along the road during this whole experience, then, timewise, it only took approximately one second! Yet, that one second was absolutely life-changing, probably with a far greater late-life impact than all the rest of the experiences noted here, combined.

22. Consciousness within the atom, January 17, 2007

A very interesting experience… literally SEEING the way ‘dark matter’ correlates with the very wide spaces within atomic structure… KNOWING that this is God-In-Action, the ‘dark matter’ occupying that ’empty space’ that is creating the activities within each and every atom. This was NOT an intellectual concept, but an inner KNOWING… a ‘sensing’ of That Consciousness within the atomic ‘dark matter.’ ‘Dark matter’ that is really ‘dark energy’ since there really is no such thing as ‘matter,’ only concentrated energy.
(This was also the 3rd anniversary of Diane’s passing from this plane.)

24. Regional Consciousness, Dec 29, 2007

At the SF airport, waiting to board the flight to Hong Kong, then to Singapore for a back-to-back SE Asian cruise – I was very surprised to feel the energy of that region reach out and engulf me. I had to work at “coming back” to the present and felt weak/drained when I did. Although also sensing a vibrational shift at my core as I did so. This occurred without being in any form of meditative state. I would never have thought such a thing was ever possible, but it was as if that region “knew” I was on my way and the purpose behind this cruise – to say “goodbye” to that part of Earth, the world where I had experienced so many incarnations, since I do not expect to come back for another incarnation.

28. Redwood communication, August 6, 2008

On the way to the coast through the redwoods, doing “my thing” in attempting to merge energies/commune with those magnificent trees… this time received an almost overwhelming feeling of love. Later that day, while meditating in the hotel room in Gold Beach, I “learned” that this global meditation can also take the form of tapping into the love I felt coming at me this morning, adding the pink light/God’s love and feeding all of that back to Earth. Very interesting concept… and it works!

34. Consciousness Continuity, July 31, 2011

Intellectually, we “know” that God “is all things”… that, as Goswani (and others) stated in “The Self-Aware Universe,” and as physicists and cosmologists are becoming aware of “the field,” everything is connected.

However, even though I had supposedly “achieved” Unity Consciousness around November 1999, this morning I suddenly experienced both feeling and seeing that commonality with all things – that consciousness in everything I looked at… as a build-up, an accumulation of varying levels of awareness – as I suddenly “connected” this morning, is quite different from the intellectualization of that concept. Each consciousness I “saw” seemed to have an over-riding, ingrained purpose to be of “service,” but where is that ingrained purpose in mankind? This is where language, any language, falls considerably short… “seeing”/experiencing the continuity of all consciousness!

35. Mass Consciousness Appearances, August, 2011

Mass Consciences (MC) Appearance
Working with/attempting to “spiritualize” Mass Consciousness across the U.S. over a period of time. California, the West coast was decidedly mixed, CA appearing as “vertical curls,” spending little effort there. Midwest and Southwest relatively clean to a light gray (more yellowish in the SW0, I suspect depending upon population densities. Southeast, a muddy brown color, somewhat difficult to see too far into. East up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be a solid black impenetrable cliff, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???) (This was later “confirmed” in a June 4, 2012 private session with “Larkmaa,” a group of Pleiadians channeled through Cullen and Pia, ref: – who have, as of October 13, 2013, pulled back from channeling Larkmaa: The recorded messages will remain on the website as long as there are donations to support the maintenance of the site.) After a few days working primarily on trying to get light around and into that cliff, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work! (I never did set any specific times aside to work on this, but did so quite sporadically after this post.)

38. Redwood consciousness, December 29, 2011

CA 1 and the Redwoods… the next-to-last day of a week-long driving loop. encompassing the Bay area, SF, Santa Rosa and a coastal drive, back to Talent, OR.

In a trip leg from Mendocino to Crescent City, the drive from Mendocino on CA 1 to where CA 1 intersects with 101, traverses a tremendous, apparently virgin Redwood forest that is absolutely astounding. I started to extend my consciousness through the forest as I have done on many previous occasions, but then something began to “happen.” While driving through the myriad twists, turns and switchbacks, I suddenly began experiencing intense feelings of completeness and joy… an indescribable spiritually uplifting event that, except for having to accomplish the driving, would have reduced me to tears. I experienced tremendous waves of thankfulness that these magnificent plants existed, along with their natural supporting undergrowth, and could feel their presence as an integral part of my own presence.

The next day, leaving Crescent City and driving thru the redwoods on route 199, I experienced the distinct feeling that these trees were communicating telepathically… no, that word (telepathic) implies a conscious effort and this communication capability was inherent. Further, this capability extends to “lower” forms of vegetation, as well, potentially including fields of corn or wheat, for example. This communication is similar in concept to that attributed to “the field” of quantum physics, yet different in that it is limited to plants, with an occasional opening to other life forms, such as I might have been briefly exposed. (See quote of the Mayan priest/shaman in Topic #5.)

Postscript, Dec 30 thru Jan 1: Have been experiencing uncharacteristic bouts of “spaciness” and vertigo(1). In a telephone discussion with a friend on Jan 1, he later said he’d immediately picked up on a very “spacey” quality in my voice.
Postscript, Jan 1 thru Jan 6 (and beyond): The “spaciness” and vertigo disappeared as I got into end-of-year spreadsheet updating, but then I was experiencing “fast-flying-knats” that rapidly traversed my visual field, top to bottom. Initially, as an automatic reaction, I’d swat my upper chest in an attempt to smack them, only to eventually discover there was no “them,” including this being the time of year that bugs of this nature weren’t around.

(1) O.K., I’d just turned 73 and have experienced some light vertigo periods in the last few months, but this level of intensity is relatively sudden, a much heavier-than-usual experience, and accompanied by this “spaciness,” which is quite uncharacteristic. Yet, it is forcing me to be far more conscious of “the now,” and to not take even normal body movement for granted. Also, having previously been a Type A working personality, I’m now experiencing a far more laid-back outlook, at a considerably deeper level than I had intellectually been attempting to incorporate previously.



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