Question from a Light Path Resources subscriber, April 19, 2020

Do you know anything about the brotherhood of light?

brotherhood of light explained

Answer (expanded from the Wikipedia article linked above):

Known by many variations around the same words, “Brotherhood of Lightworkers,” “Great Brotherhood,” “Universal Galactic Brotherhood,” etc., etc., or more commonly “Great White Brotherhood” (referring to the light around the participating members, of which there are various references on the internet), many of us belong to it on other planes.

Diane and I were identified as “members” (very surprising to us) through a friend’s channeling in Reno many, many years ago (reference this website, “A Personal Extraterrestrial Encounter,” and specifically the discussion of June 4, 1992).

I would guess that to self-identify as a member — such as the members of the Church of Light — may or may not make it true, as I THINK this could only be positively verified on “other planes,” but I SUSPECT anyone working for the betterment of mankind or others, in general, are automatically “members.”   ☺



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