Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About Trees (More Reasons To Hug a Tree)

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In the past, people thought of trees as more related to inanimate things than people. New research discovered that this is far from the truth. In fact, trees and plants have a consciousness and do some things just like humans.

Trees close together in a forest communicate with one another to pass around valuable information. Each of these trees also has a heartbeat, using pumping water as a pulse. Finally, just like humans, trees also sleep at night. We are more similar than we thought!

Trees Have a “Heartbeat” And “Blood” Pressure

The newest of plant research made an unbelievable discovery—trees probably have a heartbeat, it’s just too slow so no one ever noticed. The new finding showed that they have a slow “pulse” by pumping water up their trunk, branches, and leaves. It is similar to the way a human body pumps blood to all of its parts.

The tree pumps water once every two hours, which regulates the water pressure. This makes the tree contract and expand. The study that noticed this phenomenon looked at trees in a greenhouse, so any movement due to wind or sun was ruled out. Besides water, this tree “heartbeat” transfers the nutrients, making this a vital function of a tree’s survival.

Trees Communicate With Each Other

Humans talk, animals use their own languages to communicate, and what about trees? Research today reveals that trees are able to talk to one another and are in constant contact. They have a web of consciousness that links them together.

Daniel Chamovits at Tel Aviv University explains that trees and plants are more complex than previously thought. They can recognize chemicals, sense gravity, have memories, and even hear.

How can this be proven? In one experiment, a caterpillar was released to eat the leaves. The sound of it eating triggered the nearby plants to release chemicals protecting themselves from the caterpillar.

Even more fascinating than how trees can hear is the topic of how they communicate.

An ecologist from Yale University Suzanne Simard has found out that trees use a system using fungi in the soil to converse with one another. A tree can send out information to its neighboring community about a disease it is experiencing, environmental changes, or to transfer its nutrients to others before its death so that they do not go to waste.

Simard says that the way trees communicate and support one another is something people can relate to, and hopefully by doing so, start caring more about saving forests. Trees and humans are more alike than we thought.

Trees Go To Sleep At Night

Humans and animals are not the only ones that need their rest—trees go to sleep too. Austrian, Finnish, and Hungarian scientists studied trees with laser technology to see if they act any different as night than during daylight hours.

Their observation showed a clear nighttime “slumber.” Birch trees tipped their branches as much as by 4 inches during the night. This happened to all of the birch trees.

Why would trees sleep?

During the night, trees receive no sunlight to fuel them with energy, so they might relax to conserve the energy—just like humans conserve their energy at night.

Other kinds of trees have not been studied, but scientists are certain that this is not just a birch tree phenomenon.

Next time you see a tree at night, be aware that it might be sleeping!

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The Mayan culture thoroughly believed in the consciousness and communicative ability of trees, which my personal experiences fully support.

Often in traveling by rental car from Nashville to Tullahoma, TN, through verdant forests via I-24, I’d extend my consciousness as far as I could along the highway to ‘touch base’ with Nature. Fifteen to twenty years later, heading towards Jenner from Santa Rosa, driving through the second-growth redwoods along the Russian River outside of Guernville, Ca, I started to do the same thing. BUT almost ran off the road when a very clear, sharp voice spoke from WITHIN my head, “Hello, old friend, it’s been a long time.”

Years later, in my three-year ‘tour’ of forming and moderating a Healing Earth, low-level shamanic group, out of Ashland, OR, we often requested the support of trees around the globe in disseminating positive energy, after gaining their permission…. gathering love energy from deep within the Earth and transmitting it out through the branches of the trees (as antennas) around the globe.

~ Don Chapin

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