Harnessing the Majesty and Grace of Gratitude

(Interjection: Personally, I have found that gratitude is an EXTREMELY powerful spiritual development ‘tool’, feeling, virtue, ‘state of being’, whatever you call it, particularly as it becomes part of the human condition… of one’s very existence. The first paragraph of this article is a very good description of the over-all effect. Part of my automatic e-mail signature is “Gratitude is the most passionate and transformative force in the cosmos.” M. Beattie

In channeling lexicon, Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel, is an entity with primary focus on shamanistic activities while TBC channeled, by Diane Chapin, was a consciousness with primary focus on God/All-That-Is. Sometime in 1988 a Lazaris week-end intensive in LA clued me in on sending your consciousness around the globe, observing points of light. In doing this, I also began sending energy to those points which I saw as spiritually emerging souls, the points of light observed over oceans as cetaceans.~ Don Chapin)

Gratitude is a powerful mistress. It makes the incredible credible and the unbelievable believable. Open your heart, lift your eyes, and welcome your world with gratitude, gratitude that is alive with spontaneous joy and passionate wonder. Awaken gratitude, and your life will never be the same. — Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel

A cool breeze, the scent of night jasmine, and the waning moon in its third quarter graced the quiet as the standing stones were silhouetted against the night sky. The magicians stood tall in the quiet, waiting for the hush of that solitary moment, that timeless moment, eternal. Without warning, a wild rush of memories filled their hearts, and they were swept up, lifted, with gratitude: feeling spontaneous and passionate joy for the whirlwind of life’s gifts and life’s miracles that had already graced their lives. In that timeless moment, they listened to the night.

Working their magic, they listened to the Secrets of the Mill Stones. Each of them became more in that moment. Each became stronger, more powerful, and new in ways they could not yet imagine, in ways they dared not yet imagine. Gratitude is a powerful mistress.

Each of us is familiar with gratitude. It’s a feeling akin to thankfulness. (I see thankfulness as transitory, gratitude as a permanent and very welcome asset. ~Don Chapin) We have explored our resistances, and we have healed. We feel gratitude. We feel grateful. But gratitude is so much more than a feeling; it is so much more than we know.

Gratitude is a powerfully rich feminine energy replete with humility, forgiveness and compassion — and bountiful with joy and wonder and happiness and magic, miraculous magic that can change us and our world forever. Gratitude is a virtue, and it is the seed that sparks all other virtues.

So much of what gratitude is and of what it can be has been lost. Lazaris has designed a powerful vision quest to begin this Year of Gratitude. We can regain what has been lost and discover what never has been revealed of gratitude.

With a series of explorations and several beautiful meditations and rituals, we can harness the majesty and the grace of this mistress, the majesty and grace of gratitude.

Upon this vision quest, we will reap the bounty of such rituals as Dancing in the Shadows, Wrestling with Our Duende, Secrets of the Mill Stones, Nurtured by the Miracles, and Healed in the Memories.

Come to be with Lazaris and other masterful magicians to open your heart and lift your eyes. Come to welcome this new year and to welcome your world. Welcome it with gratitude. Welcome. …

Summoning the Unspoken Powers of Gratitude – (A Friday evening of a week-end intensive with Lazaris from February 2014)

Gratitude: It begins with a feeling, lifts to an action, and builds to a powerful state of being. Gratitude is a virtue, and it is the seed of all virtues. — Lazaris

We feel grateful. Often it happens automatically, if not spontaneously. We feel it, but we often don’t really think about it much. We know that gratitude is a generating energy — along with trust, happiness, joy, and valuing self — but too often we don’t know much more than that. We have an idea that it’s powerful. We feel good when we feel it. But there is so much about gratitude and its power that we don’t know.

Gratitude awakens and it inspires. It awakens feeling happy, even joyful, and it awakens feeling good about ourselves. It inspires us to do good things — good, true, and right things. It inspires us to be good people.

Is there more? Lazaris begins this year with a delightfully loving and magical evening of exploring the unspoken of gratitude. We can begin to understand the nature and grace of gratitude and to summon and harness its unspoken powers.

This evening stands alone as we work to enhance our rapport and mature our relationship with gratitude. It’s also a wonderful first step in awakening and inspiring what we seek to create in our lives and in awakening and inspiring more of who we are becoming. As well, it’s a beautiful entry for the intensive that follows this Evening with Lazaris.

Welcome to a loving evening of magic with Lazaris. Welcome …

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