Tree Communication

Tree Communication Between Themselves and With Humanity

Tree Energies: Don Chapin’s Introduction

Upon rare occasion, I have received communications from tree energies as recorded in my notes of Peak Experiences, listed elsewhere, two of which I have presented below.

Then, in my three-year ‘moderatorship’ of a local West Coast Healing Earth group, (membership which existed from the San Diego area of CA to Blain, WA), I often called on global ‘tree energy’ for assistance. The process involved going to huge old evergreens in a high hill and asking for global tree participation. While I was briefly waiting for a response, I was conscious of a form of indecipherable “background chatter” similar to what we hear from the background on a telephone call center when communicating with someone in a company environment. The response was invariably and quickly favorable and more enthusiastic than can be conveyed in that one word response, “Joyous!”… the tree energies were very eager to work cooperatively with humans rather than simply being exploited.

Such spontaneous responses also demonstrate a totally different level of tree communication than that being discovered on a physical plane in some adjoining articles, which have initially been inspired by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, demonstrating plant sensitivities in the 1890’s … the article entitled, “In the Language of Trees – How Plants Can Teach Us to Communicate,” being in the same vein as my experiences, but by an author who has specifically sought out such communication rather than, like myself, stumbling upon them.

From My Personal Experiences:

Redwood Communication
: On the way to the coast through the redwoods, doing “my thing” in attempting to merge my consciousness/energies/commune with those magnificent trees, as I have previously… this time I received an almost overwhelming feeling of love. Later that day, while meditating in a motel room in Gold Beach, I “learned” that this global meditation can also take the form of tapping into the love I felt coming at me this morning, adding the pink light/God’s love and feeding all of that back to Earth. Very interesting concept… and it works!

Posted on August 6, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Tree Talk
: Several years earlier, in late 1974 and 1975, I used to make several trips to Arnold Engineering Development Center near Tullahoma, TN, driving from the Nashville airport down I-24, which was tree-lined for many miles. It was such a beautiful area, that I often “extended my consciousness” while driving to “touch” the mostly evergreen trees on each side of the highway.

Now, in 1990, Diane and I often drove from Santa Rosa, CA out to the coast near Jenner, going through the redwoods west of Guerneville. It was such a beautiful area that, on the first such trip, I again began extending my consciousness as I had done in Tennessee. However, this time I received a shocking surprise, to the extent that I had to really concentrate on staying on the road. I received a response back from those redwoods that said “Hello, old friend. It’s been a long time.”

And here we think of trees and other vegetation as independent plants without a thought process or consciousness????

Quote – Hunbatz Men, Mayan priest/shaman, or ‘day keeper’ on Yucatan Peninsula (from p. 297 of “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls,” Morton & Thomas):

… people in America and in Britain they are now destroying the jungles, even as far away as Brazil. But even though Brazil is a long way from the United States it does not mean that the Earth changes we accelerate there are not going to affect the United States. And because they are killing the trees in Brazil, now the trees in the Mayan area are also beginning to die. Because all the trees in the world they can communicate. The Maya, we say, don’t kill any tree because if you kill any tree you are killing your family. When you kill a tree it is like killing your own brother or sister. In that way, the Maya, we believe in the trees. But the trees are only one part of the Mother. The trees are for the Maya the skin of our mother, and the oil it is the blood, and the rivers they are her sweat, her perspiration. But the mistakes today they are accelerating her life and now it is not good because the big change is coming.

Posted on January 1, 1990 at 12:00 pm

From My Healing Earth Notes, Specific (and Typical) Session Examples:

Contrary to the ever-changing weekly process concept we had followed for the first two years of this group’s existence, the last few week’s processes have “homed-in” on a couple general approaches, one enveloping humanity, Earth and the mass consciousness layer surrounding it in projected Universal Energies from a “null” gravitational point between Earth and our moon(1) (including joining with the tree/vegetations-emitting energies….


(1) This process seems to have been quite effective in operating on the mass consciousness layer, all of humanity and Gaia as well as involving Gaia’s tree/vegetation-emitted energies for a combined effort.

(2) In addition to Mayan/Amerindian lore, we’ve always experienced good interactions, PLUS, on a Sept 8, ’15, hill climb, in asking a small group of evergreens to respond for the global tree “community” to such an on-going cooperative human/tree energy effort proposal, I received their characteristic one-word response (at least that’s typical for their response to me :-): “Joyous!”

HEALING EARTH PROCESS NOTES FOR NOV. 29, 2014, MEETING/WORKSHOP: (where team members join in… how many others have experienced similar situations and not felt sufficiently confident to speak to or record them?)

We initiated a sphere above the MC layer of Earth’s surface of continuously-flowing Pink energy (between 7 to 10 miles would be well above that layer), embedded with the concepts of Love and Oneness, and, in conjunction with the global tree energies, begin flowing this energy spherically through Earth’s mantle, slowly progressing to Earth’s center. Like last week, the purpose is to relax tensions and stresses in the Earth as we progress, similar to a body massage that we might experience.

 Felt the energy gathering.. took a few seconds longer than usual…Tree energy, in height above Earth, goes far beyond where we “joined,” but the joining created a robust initial wave. Interesting. Going through the crust and into the mantle, felt as if the tree energy temporarily increased. Was conscious of the water deposit recently announced (about 400 miles) beneath N. America and sensed that Europe and S. America MAY also have similar deposits, though the S. America deposit may not be as large as the one under N. America. Also, such deposits may be quite heavily mineralized and require considerable filtration for human usability (but don’t know if that was from left-brain-logic or what was sensed :-).

Felt there was “noticeable” tension relief as we neared earth’s core (although current scientific “findings”/theory would probably say that the heat is too high for ‘tensions’ to be present :-).

Semi-surprise (I half-way “knew’ there was going to be an “unexpected” event here, but not exactly what) when, at the core, the “energy stream” kept going straight through, but left an ILLUSION that it had reversed direction… so that, from any point on earth’s surface that we might pick for initial contact, the energy (ours and tree energy) from that point went through the Earth’s core headed for a point on Earth’s surface directly opposite that initial “entrance” or contact point (i.e., this continuous “shell” appeared to reverse itself at the center, but it was actually met/bypassed from that initiated on the other side).

The pink energy stream went back through the mantle and crust, emerging into the MC layer, which seemed to take on a color and an ephemeral-like consistency of pink cotton candy (inadequate language, again!).


We next initiated a pure white energy at the same location above Earth and repeated the above process, raising the pink energy to its highest vibration, throughout.
RESULT: This white shell intensified the pink energy “residue” through Earth, while seeming to dissolve some infrequent “dark areas.” Performing similarly at the earth’s core and back out through the mantle, toward the crust. Surprise, however: rather than exit the crust, this white energy seemed to enter the roots of the trees around the globe to intensify the 24/7 emitting tree energies!

BACKGROUND (Message to Team):
 Last week, we initiated an expansion of continuously-flowing Pink energy, embedded with the concepts of Love and Oneness, and began flowing this energy spherically through Earth toward and through the mantel. The purpose was to relax tensions and stresses in the Earth as we progressed, similar to a body massage that we might experience, then with an assist by the global tree energies. This week, I proposed we combine our generated energies with that emitted globally by the trees (in fact, however, by most all vegetation), to do the same thing, but in the reverse direction. For that, we needed to get concurrence from the global tree energies.

I know that at least half of this group has communicated with tree energies, so I’m getting this notice out early, asking you to do so again and let me know what you “hear.” If we get a negative response, we can simply project our human-generated energy without their involvement, somehow, I feel this combined approach might be a good thing. I just came back from climbing the hill near me (getting my cardiovascular exercise for the month 🙂 to communicate with a grove of evergreens, stating my objective and saying that there may well be other humans requesting the same joint venture. What I felt I heard, was a tentative “okay,” but they are interested in these other human requests.


Jinni, 11/26/2014 01:42:49 EST: I must confess that I feel sooo much strength when I wrap myself around my tree (a pine) that I connect with that energy almost every week & ask for the tree/vegetation support of our process… I rarely get detailed feedback, as you know. I just “trust” the tree energy is cooperating with/supporting our intention.

Don’s response: Yup, Jinni, I “feel” that energy build-up as we begin and just “blunder on my way” as I’d proposed. 🙂 🙂 The one thing I am extremely confident in, however, is that the universal energy that is sent out goes along with the intent I had proposed, as whatever I “see” “know,” or whatever, indicates, to me, it is following the direction/intent given in what I’d proposed… and more. 🙂 T’anks much for the feedback!

Kay, 11/26/2014 12:07:13 EST: When I communicate with tree energies, I am drawn to spend time in the Earth’s crust where tree roots seek water and nutrients. Their energy is very strong here and they say YES to this joint venture. When I break free from the crust I am greeted with such splendor and gifts of the trees around me. They all have such a powerful, giving energy, which wants to connect with me/us. Theirs is often a quiet, stately energy always in the present moment of What Is. They can’t run away from the powerful forces of Earth’s energy like wind, fire, flood, landslide, tornado, and earthquake. And they are helpless when humans cut them down. Trees deeply want to connect with all of Life!!

Don’s response: BEAUTIFUL, Kay! I normally don’t “get” the level of detail you do, but I get or feel an emotional connection which I “interpret.” And I DEFINITELY “get” your more eloquent (compared to the way I just feel, but haven’t been able to express it)

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