Human Changes Programmed to Occur From The Coming Humanity ‘Upgrade’

We extracted (unprofessionally 🙂 the below copy from the book, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human by Essene & Nidle, 1994. Highly recommended!

Despite the Fair Use provisions of 17 U.S. Code § 107, I may be open to copyright law violation charges for sharing this. However, I feel this information absolutely needs to be “out there” as it affects every individual on Earth.

The material in this book not only agrees with other channeled materials from the Pleiadians and Arcturians but goes much deeper. Witness the below chapter copy. Also, while most other Earth history accounts start with Lemuria, starting about 900,000 years ago for about 850,000 years until Atlantis destroyed it, this book also mentions a civilization called Hybomea that lasted for about 1million years and before that, a Dinoid/Reptoid occupation that lasted for about 18 million years. This information is in agreement with

Apparently, Shelton Nidle, who channeled a Sirian by the name of Washta, used the material he channeled for this book. Two other books he authored about the same time may well have similar information. We have orders in for copies of those books so we can confirm or deny this.

 Galactic Human Handbook: Entering the New Time – Creating Planetary Groups, by Sheldon Nidle, Jose A. Arguelles, 1995. ISBN # 13-9780952455554
 Galactic Human Handbook Entering the New Time, by
Sheldon Nidle, 1995, ISBN # 139780952455554

Finally, we emphasize that the changes detailed in this chapter are being implemented across all of humanity. However, they are individual in application and may not happen all at once, so variations are to be expected.

~Don Chapin

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