Discarnate Contacts?

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Item 16. Mediumship?

Starting sometime in 2003. I have, on occasion, had the strange (to me) experience of being able to sense those that have departed this plane, yet are close to someone in my presence. This includes a rudimentary form of communication from the departed to the living, that seems to come through in “whole body knowing.” Apparently a low level of mediumship developing…

Item 17. Dec 2003.

This may have started when Carlos, the popular and very knowledgeable Chief Engineer at the company I was overseeing when I was a Civil Servant Systems Engineer, had simply keeled over and transitioned when he was putting air in his car tires one morning. As the one in our group that had worked so closely with him, I was on the way to his funeral, but had somehow gotten sidetracked, so that there was no way to get there in time. Seems like “no matter,” because he seemed to be right there with me while I was driving, only he seemed to be over my left shoulder. We were having a silent conversation, in which I tried to communicate how much I appreciated him, even though we had been on the opposite side of some issues from time to time. Suddenly, he communicated that “it was time to go” and he was gone. Looking at my watch, I realized that the service in his honor was about to start and he didn’t want to miss it – as I just had. It was no matter, because the closure we had shared while I was homing in on the church for his service was, to me, far more important than attending the service itself.

Item 19.

Native American disincarnates, Talent, OR, November 2006. While “looking” at the surrounding area for disincarnates, I became conscious of a group of three Native Americans around the Ashland, OR, area that had not yet moved on to a higher plane. One was quite faint (I assume he was in the process of moving on), another was of about “medium” intensity (potentially wanting to move on, but not sure how), while the third was quite strong in “definition,” or energy strength. I sent them all energy and attempted to communicate how to move on, then forgot about the incident.18. Later that month, while describing the experience to a friend during a telephone conversation, I spot-checked to see what might have become of these three. I realized that the first two had, indeed, moved on, but that the third one – the strongest in “signal strength” – was still “here.” Additionally, he was now conscious of me observing him and moved toward me with a big “smile” on his face (an impression, not that I could make out facial details). He seemed to be grateful of what I had tried to do with his small group, but he really wanted to “stick around” the Earth plane for a while, yet. He seemed to know I have an interest in someday doing some American Indian research and had voluntarily taken over a spirit guide position to assist me with that interest, and anything else that might come up.

Item 20.

Quite some time later (actually sometime in the first part of 2008), after watching a TV special about the ‘ghosts’ of the Salem witch trials and executions, I ‘contacted’ this same Native American to see what he might be able to discover… and maybe we might be able to help with…. toward ‘sending’ some or all of these ‘ghosts’ on to the light. His response, after a very brief time, somewhat surprised me… he relayed the information that, for the most part they were ‘having fun’ and had no inclination to ‘move on’ in the short term.

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