Plant Consciousness: Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember

Plant Consciousness - Are Plants Aware?

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder, Posted on: Wednesday, December 19th 2018

Interjection: The ‘”father” of this type of scientific research was Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, an accomplished multidiscipline Indian scientist, a polymath, physicist, biologist, botanist and archaeologist. He pioneered the study of radio and microwave optics, and laid the foundation of experimental science in the Indian sub-continent. He was the first person to use semiconductor junctions to detect radio signals, thus demonstrating wireless communication for the first time. He invented the crescograph, through which he measured plant response to various stimuli and clearly demonstrated that plants can feel pain, understand affection and even respond to human intention. In the 1890’s, with his crescograph, Bose demonstrated such phenomena in England and to the U.S. Secretary of State.

As stated in an accompanying article under, “Plant Consciousness,” “Bose, who developed some of the earliest work on plant neurobiology and plant intelligence in the early (1890S through) 1900s, treated plants with a wide variety of chemicals to see what would happen. In one instance, he covered large, mature trees with a tent, then chloroformed them. (The plants breathed in the chloroform through their stomata, just as they would normally breathe in air.) Once anesthetized, the trees could be uprooted and moved without going into shock—the pain perception of the plants diminished. He found that morphine had the same effects on plant consciousness as that of humans, reducing the plant pain perception and pulse proportionally to the dose given. Too much took the plant to the point of death, but the administration of atropine, as it would in humans, revived it. Alcohol, he found, did indeed get a plant drunk. It, as in us, induced a state of high excitation early on, but as intake

progressed the plant began to get depressed, and with too much it passed out. The plant felt drunk.

Irrespective of the chemical he used, Bose found that the plant responded identically to the human; the chemicals had the same effect on the plant’s consciousness and nervous system as it did the human.”

Since his time, a lot of scientifically-oriented research has gone into plant environmental reactions, resulting in the type of synopsis found in this article, and in more in-depth analyses such as “Are Plants Aware?” from

~ Don Chapin

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